Módulo de Arinc-429 incluido en un cable inteligente o «Smartcable».
Existen dos opciones:
4 canales de transmisión y 8 de recepción
2 canales de transmisión y 4 de recepción



The first in the new AIM SmartCable™ family is the ASC429 for ARINC429 testing, designed to offer USB based interface solution operating on a single USB2.0 port (or higher). The low power hardware design enables a half-pocket sized interface for ARINC429
test, simulation, monitoring and data loading applications.
Joachim Schuler, General Manager at AIM GmbH tells us ‘Dedicated handheld devices displaying avionics bus data in basic and simple binary or hex view have been around for many years. Using now the ASC429, coupled with powerful portable platforms like Tablets
and Smart Pads etc. (having USB 2.0 interfaces or higher), the AIM SmartCable™ offers various possibilities for cost efficient and smart implementations of highly portable test equipment solutions such as databus analysers, troubleshooting tools and data loading,
especially in conjunction with AIM’s’.
Data bus protocol-related real-time capabilities over the USB interface are dealt with by having the necessary hardware, firmware and processing resources directly integrated within the almost standard D-Sub connector sized housing. Additional processing capability is offered by the use of a dual processor System-On-Chip device (SOC) inside the ASC.
The ASC429-x comes with 4Tx/8Rx or 2Tx/4Rx channels with software programmable for low rate (12,5kbps) and high rate (100kbps) operation. In addition, the module offers 8 (avionic level) General ‘Get on the Bus’ with AIM’s SmartCable™

Purpose Discrete I/O signals and 1 trigger input and 1 trigger output. It also has an IRIG-B time Encoder/Decoder and provides a sinusoidal input/output and ‘freewheeling’ mode incorporated! The SOC of the AIM SmartCable™ has access to 128MB of Global
RAM and boot up flash memory. Furthermore the ASC429 modules are API compatible to the existing AIM ARINC429 product portfolio.
AIM includes the driver software bundled into the price, supporting Windows, Linux and LabVIEW VIs. The (Light or Full Version) Data Bus Test & Analysis Software is available as an option, as well as the EasyLOAD-429, the AIM ARINC615-3 Data Loader
Software (for Windows and Linux).
AIM has offices in the UK and the USA with the main design and manufacturing facilities based in Freiburg, Germany

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